Be EQUIPPED for Church Planting

The Church Planting Residency is anticipating being up and running for the Fall of 2023!

Application packages will be available online in Fall 2022. To stay up to date on program details until then, please complete the form below.

The Church Planting Residency is a finishing school for those who already have theological education and some ministry experience. Its purpose is to develop competent, called, and character-filled church planters through context-based learning. The context of ministry is the residents’ sending church which provides the environment for practical experience and mentorship. All the reading, writing, courses, and pre-launch projects focus on developing and demonstrating mastery of 8 core competencies that will be necessary as a church planter.


• Minimum Education: Seminary Degree
• Men (or couples) wanting to prepare to plant a church


• 1-Year Program
• Ministry Work at Sending Church (approx. 20-hours/week)
• School Work (20-hours/week)


• Program Fees: $5700 (Individuals), $6400 (Couples)
• Financial assistance is available


Through classroom and educational experiences, residents will develop 8 core competencies which provide the foundations necessary to begin the church planting process.


Students are expected to work alongside their sending church to develop practical ministry skills as well as to invest time in pre-launch projects that walk them through the planting process.


Our intention is to foster lasting peer and mentor relationships that will provide support and care during each season of ministry at your church plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are accepted between October 1, 2022 and January 30, 2023 for the start of Fall 2023.

Applications are accepted between October 1-January 30. The written application package includes a questionnaire, a DISC Assessment, a signed Participant Agreement, 4 reference letters, a curriculum vitae with cover letter, and a video clip of one of your sermons.

Selected applicants will be notified in February and invited to a March assessment as part of the program discernment process.

Applicants will be notified by the end of Spring regarding their acceptance into the program.

Tuition covers the cost of books, resources, conferences, and retreats. There will be an extra cost associated with the year end mission trip that participants will be required to fundraise for.

From September through June, Residents will focus on 8 core competencies:

    • Knowing Yourself and Preparing Your Family
    • Spiritual Disciplines
    • “How To’s” of Church Planting
    • Church Leadership
    • Gospel-Centered Preaching
    • Culturally Contextualized
    • Missionally Engaged
    • Networking for Life

There are 4 key environments that the learning process will take place in:

    1. Classroom: Residents will spend one full day a week in classroom sessions. Classes will not be held during holidays (Christmas Break & Spring Break).
    2. Trips: Residents will participate in three retreats/conferences, two multi-day training courses, and one 10-day missions trip to a recent church plant.
    3. Home: Residents can expect approximately 10-15 hours of homework/week to be done in preparation for the next classroom session.
    4. Sending Church: Each resident is expected to work or volunteer at their sending church. It is recommended that residents spend approximately 20-hours/week investing in this way.

For a more complete overview of the Church Planting Residency download this PDF: OVERVIEW

Though Northview holds to a church structure that consists of a male-led plurality of elders, it recognizes that the wives of church planters will also bear the weight and privilege of this new church plant. In light of this, the Church Planting Residency includes some specific training for planter’s wives in the classroom, on trips, at home, and with the sending church.

Yes! We welcome everyone from across Canada to participate; however, at this time, we are only offering an in-person option–meeting at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, BC. The online track is still in development and will not be ready for the start of the Fall 2023 program.

When available, the online track of the Church Planting Residency will include all of the classroom material on the “Northview CPR Portal.” The classroom and homework portions of the course will be identical, with the exception that online students will gather with their online cohort for discussion rather than doing so in person. Online CPR students are expected to attend in person at least 4 of the 5 trips over the course of the year at their own cost. The program cost for online students is still being determined, but will not include the cost of conferences, retreats, or other in-person training. Students can expect these costs to be additional charges based on the trips they participate in.

For those individuals who have been accepted into the Immerse Program, an option is available whereby the Residency can be completed in their third year and count towards their degree. Students interested in this option should begin conversations with their mentor team before completing an application.

Not all participants in the Church Planting Residency will complete their 20-hours of ministry work at Northview. However, if Northview is your sending church and you are hoping to complete your ministry work with us, you can expect your program costs to be covered as well as to receive a small living stipend and basic benefits. Residents are responsible for their own living arrangements, food, transportation, and other personal bills/expenses.

For those participating in the Residency program with a sending church other than Northview, please note that you and your sending church are responsible for determining what compensation may look like. Northview is not responsible or part of those negotiations.

While the focus of the Church Planting Residency is for those who will plant churches within North America, missionaries who are focused on multiplying churches globally will also find this program a good fit. For those specific classes that do not apply to global missionaries, new instructors will be brought in for them to discuss topics more suitable to their mission field.

The formal part of Northview’s Church Planting Residency is 10-months long (September-June), but the relationship between Northview and the planter begins several months in advance, and will continue for years to follow successful completion of the program. Our desire is to maintain an informal “fellowship” of leaders and churches that will partner together for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of the nation. We envision a partnership with like-minded leaders that does not replace denominational structures but complements the relationships, resources, and at times financial aid, that individual leaders receive from their sending churches and/or denominations.