DISCOVER your Discipling Journey

The School of Discipleship aims to create an environment where Christians can learn over time to become disciples who make disciple-makers. It is designed for the lay-person or -leader who desires to grow in their affection for Christ, and to help others do the same—whether that is your own children, a curious friend, or a room full of 200 Bible Study students.


• No previous training required
• All are welcome to apply


• 2-Year Program (six 9-week terms)
• 1-2 hours of independent study per week


• $50 standard fee for the year
• $135 (approximately) for required books

Bible Literacy

Loving God requires knowing God. Knowing God and the story of redemption requires knowing the whole narrative of Bible, and the story of Jesus throughout it. The Bible is the centre of the Christian life.

Sound Doctrine

Basic Christian beliefs help us know who God is, who we are, what the world is, and how we can be faithful participants on God’s mission. We believe that theology is foundational to Christian belief.

Christlike Formation

Spiritual habits (or disciplines) help us to become whole people. We are transformed by what we do—the habits we develop shape us into who we are. This portion of the school focuses on distinctly Christian habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you desire to deepen your discipleship to Christ and learn the foundations for becoming a disciple-maker, you’ve come to the right place. We encourage anyone and everyone to apply.

We will review all applications and prayerfully discern which candidates are best suited to the program.

There is a $50 standard fee for each student, plus the costs of books. We have chosen the books with great care. We want to help you build a library of truthful, beautiful, and very helpful books.

  • The $50 fee covers welcome gifts at the start of the year, as well as all worksheets/handouts throughout the year.
  • There will always be two book lists to choose from: (1) the Essential Resources, and (2) the Recommended Resources. The Essential Resources are mandatory for all students, and will cost approximately $135. The Recommended Resources are an additional—and therefore optional—set of books, and will cost approximately $220. Should the student choose to purchase the Recommended Resources, their total cost of books will be approximately $335.

We offer a Sunday afternoon class and a Thursday evening class, both of which are two hours long and take place at Northview’s Downes Road Campus. Each term we will have a total of 9 sessions, with our final class being a time of reflection and celebration. We desire every class to be a time of learning, fellowship, and worship. Pastor Greg Harris and Angi Tuffnell will be facilitating your journey through the program. 

We believe learning happens best by integrating personal study, some small group discussion time, and then taking in a lecture or teaching session for the whole group. We view this as a partnership and a collaborative effort where we will all learn from each other.

There will be approximately 1–2 hours of reading per week. Some classes will involve additional work (e.g. a short assignment), but nothing overly demanding. In addition, each term will require a “personal reflection” at the end.

Term 1: Bible
Classes in the first year will include a grand Bible overview. In the second year, we will look at the doctrine of Scripture, the development of the Canon, and foundations of biblical interpretation. We’ll discover interpretive tools and discuss the basics of hermeneutics.

Term 2: Doctrine
Classes in the first year will focus on the different types of theology we do, essential doctrines, the concept of theological triage, as well as tracing a few themes through the Bible. Classes in the second year will trace doctrines and historic creeds, linking them to the critical personalities that God used to build His church throughout church history.

Term 3: Habits
Classes in the first year will focus around Christian identity and transformation. We will learn what life in the Spirit really means, describe the call of every Christian, and introduce you to the spiritual disciplines. Classes in the second year will revolve around specific habits we intentionally add or remove from our lives. We’ll learn about the connection between personal and corporate renewal.

Yes! All students will be invited to join a Slack channel. This is where we can interact with each other and the course material, post thoughts/questions/supplementary resources, as well as take care of some housekeeping items.