EXPLORE a Practical Ministry Opportunity

The Ministry Apprenticeship is a Certificate in Christian Foundations. It provides one year of foundational biblical, theological, and ministry education for young adults who are interested in exploring their potential for ministry leadership in the church. Within a cohort, and guided by intentional mentorship, students learn through seminars, assignments, and hands-on experience.


• Minimum education: High School diploma or GED
• Young adults (ages 18-25)


• 1-Year Certificate Program
• Approximately 40-hours/week


• Program Fees: $5000.00
• Books and resource materials provided


The completion of 10 learning outcomes which include mentorship, instructional seminars, and learning experiences required to develop the knowledge, skill, and character competencies essential for service and leadership in and outside church ministry contexts.


Students are integrated into the leadership of a particular ministry in the church for the duration of the program. It is a place to put learning into practice and to develop through successes and failures in a safe environment.


Students experience intentional supervision and mentorship from the leader of their ministry placement. This is an opportunity for growth through constructive feedback, prayerful support, and guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

*We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2022.

Applications are accepted until positions are filled. There is no application deadline.

Once your application package is completed, we’ll schedule an interview with you.

Competency-Based Theological Education (CBTE), at its heart, seeks to successfully prepare students for this unique combination of theological proficiency and practical, ministerial care.

In CBTE, much of a student’s time is spent in the church working alongside other pastors and engaging in the real work of ministry. Assignments have a direct connection to a student’s work within the local church and, in addition, they are taught how to take their theological knowledge and communicate it effectively through their preaching and teaching. Through ongoing mentorship, involvement in the inner workings of ministry, and the numerous opportunities to develop and hone skills, CBTE provides an ideal environment in which students can become fully equipped leaders within the church.

One of the unique characteristics of CBTE is its ability to address the development of character alongside growth in knowledge and skill. This characteristic is captured in the language of “Head, Hands and Heart” used in the Certificate of Christian Foundations.

LEAD is a clarifying acronym of the educational integration of this competency-based model:

L – Learn (about) (head)
E – Embrace (with heart) (heart)
A – Apply (in life) (hands)
D – Disciple (others) (hands) -> Mastery Observed

Northview’s CBTE programs are rooted in Scripture. Therefore, students will incorporate God’s Word as the central basis upon which they build. Students will master the appropriate tools for constructing structures to support effective life and ministry. By doing this it is expected that students will determine the passages of the Bible that are applicable to the given situation (MLOs/ODAs) and will evaluate everything (including other readings) through the lens of Scripture.

Find a more detailed description of what CBTE is HERE

The Ministry Apprenticeship Program works in partnership with Northwest Seminary • College. Northwest has created a Certificate in Christian Foundations worth 30 undergraduate credits. Northwest sets the certificate requirements and provides the curriculum, and Northview provides the classes, instructors, and ministry context to fulfill those outcomes. Participants complete the certificate on location at Northview Community Church (both the classes and ministry experience).

Students can expect to spend their time attending instructional seminars, reading, completing papers and other assignments, and participating in ministry. Each ministry placement (see below for the opportunities available) will provide a different type of experience for the student.

  • Discipleship: Work alongside the Discipleship Pastor and lead at either men’s or women’s bible study, participate in baptism classes and services, and participate in leadership training initiatives.
  • Worship: Work alongside the Worship Pastor and train young leaders to lead worship (kids, youth, and young adults), lead during weekend worship services, learn how to assemble the necessary elements of a service, and participate in the creative process of songwriting.
  • Children’s Ministry: Work alongside the Children’s Pastor to prepare and lead weekend ministries and events that disciple and support families (child dedication, date night childcare, etc).
  • Middle School Youth: Work alongside the Middle School Youth Pastor to prepare and lead youth nights, engage with smaller groups of youth in intentional discipleship, and train leaders.
  • High School Youth: Work alongside the High School Youth Pastor to prepare and lead youth nights, engage with smaller groups of youth in intentional discipleship, and train leaders.
  • Young Adults: Work alongside the Young Adults Pastor to prepare and lead gatherings and events, engage with smaller groups in intentional discipleship, and train leaders.
  • Campus Ministry: Work alongside a Campus Pastor for a well-rounded experience of discipling all demographics and participating in a variety of ministries each week. Each campus provides unique ministry opportunities based on the needs of the community they serve. Placements are available at the following campuses: Mission, East Abbotsford, and Central Abbotsford.
  • Local Outreach: Work alongside the Local Outreach Coordinator and Missions Pastor in a variety of ministries that meet specific needs in the community. This is an opportunity to work alongside other charitable organizations and generate/nurture partnerships between the community and the Church.
  • Production/Communication: A specialized role for someone who already possesses skills in one or more of the following areas: video production and editing; script-writing and editing; technical experience with sound and lighting; ProPresenter set-up and operation; set design; social media; and/or graphic design. The applicant should want to learn how to adapt their skillset to serve within the church setting. An internship in this department would be tailored to the student based on the skills and experience of the person applying.

Students accepted into the program are responsible for their own living arrangements, food, transportation, and other personal bills/expenses.

MAP students will be enrolled in an educational institution (Northwest Seminary • College), and are therefore eligible to apply for student loans to help them cover their costs for the year.