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The Ecclesia Journal  exists to help pastors, students, and church members to engage more deeply on a host of topics relevant to the local Canadian church. Our hope is that it will exemplify how Christians are to use God’s Word as the primary lens through which they consider the world around them.

– Marc Lapointe, Editor for Ecclesia

Volume 01  |  Issue 01

June 2022

For our first issue, our editorial team has sought to showcase articles that incorporate the range and diversity of topics that readers of Ecclesia Journal can expect to find in future issues, from scholarly arguments and pastoral guidance to personal experiences and testimonies that are meant to exhort and encourage. Accordingly, our contributors bring with them a variety of ministerial contexts, each one seeking to lend their experience and expertise in hopes of providing greater knowledge, more profound reflection, greater application and, most importantly, a deeper love and passion for God and His Word.

Volume 02  |  Issue 01

February 2023

How does the church stand in a post-Roe V Wade culture? Is therapy sufficient for the suffering Christian? and what is the story of Ruth truly all about? These are some of the questions our contributors laboured to answer in this second Issue of the Ecclesia Journal. From current cultural topics to matters of the heart and biblical interpretation, Volume 2 Issue 1 of the Journal strives to produce scriptural and holistic content to its reader, to help you love the Lord with all of our hearts, mind, and strength.

Writing Contribution

June 2022

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