Calling to Ministry: A Young Pastor’s Perspective

Abstract: This article seeks to accomplish three purposes. First, to articulate my understanding of the heart of Christian ministry as a young adult just beginning in this kind of work. Second, to show there is both a general and particular call to Christian ministry. Third, to present to other young adults considering ministry the significance of receiving formal pastoral and theological training, particularly within a Canadian context.

Keywords: Vocation, ministry, theology, worldview, pastoring, Scriptures, training


There are many ways in which people have spoken about being called into vocational ministry over the years. Some have helpfully outlined what are often the defining experiences of a genuine calling into ministry, as has been done by Charles Spurgeon.1 However, that is not what this article seeks to do. Rather, it will consider the Scripture passage that has been significant for me as I understand my being called into ministry, and to consider how all Christians, but young adults in particular, are called to engage in this kind of ministry, potentially through formal training in pastoral and theological areas.


1 Charles Spurgeon, “The Call to Ministry,” in Lectures to My Students (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1954), 22–41.

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