Mentoring Mastery

April 2022 - Volume 02. Issue 02.

Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to Building the Church

Campbell, Regi. "Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to Building the Church." RM Press, Atlanta, GA, 2009, 2016.

Last weekend I watched The Masters. Tiger Woods was once again in the spotlight, somewhat unexpectedly, considering a car accident two years ago nearly ended his playing career. Yet here he was, confidently vying for another major title in his already stellar and, perhaps, unequalled career as a professional golfer. For those of you who know me, even a little, it will come as no surprise that I follow this outstanding golfer’s journey with great interest. But there is another story revolving around Tiger that I find even more intriguing and enjoyable. My attention and imagination were captured as I watched, with joy and amusement, Tiger and Charlie Woods participate in a comparatively insignificant golf tournament as a father-son duo. Knowing the significant role that Earl Woods (Tiger’s dad) played in his son’s development to the pinnacle of professional golf, I am watching with great interest Tiger’s mentoring of his own son, perhaps (even hopefully) towards a career in professional golf.


* Please note that Trent endeavours to extract the precious nuggets of mentoring wisdom from each book he uses for Mentoring Mastery to save you the time in reading each book. That being said, if you wish to dive into these books yourself, we have a Kindle version that we can make available to you. Please email [email protected] if you wish to have access to this.*

"Micro" Managing

With the Winter 2022 micro-courses being complete, and the Spring 2022 micro-courses on the horizon, now is a good time to consider how to manage the opportunities each micro-course presents for student development and ODA (assignment) completion. Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your student take full advantage of these embedded milestones.


Tech Tips

Take note that Reading assignments accompany each of the micro-courses. Again, one of the challenges the mentor faces is gaining an adequate familiarity with the primary resource content to engage and evaluate student critical interactions and analysis. Here are some links to resources that will provide an overview summary of the current primary reading resources attached to this Fall’s micro-courses.



Finally, I want to put on record the goals that I have set for improving the mentor’s individual and team contribution to a Quality Learner Experience, as described in Northwest’s CBTE Quality Frame.