Mentoring Mastery

December 2020 - Volume 01. Issue 01.

The Mentoring Matrix

Pue, Carson. 2005. "Mentoring Leaders". Grand Rapids: Baker Books.

Is there a particular pattern to the mentoring process?

Carson Pue believes there is “a pattern and flow of developing leaders in a transformational manner” (Pue, 2005, 19) that he describes as a mentoring matrix. In this article, I plan to summarize the five phases that are outlined at the beginning of his book Mentoring Leaders (pages 19-23), and draw some brief observations from each phase for the mentoring role and task.


"Micro" Managing

With the Fall 2020 micro-courses coming to completion this week, now is a good time to consider how to manage the opportunities each micro-course presents for student development and ODA (assignment) completion. Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your student take full advantage of these embedded milestones.


Tech Tips

In the Immerse program, mentors are responsible for an accurate administrative record – the student’s record of learning. How then do mentors manage the adaptable nature of the program within the practical bounds of the Immerse platform? How do we provide an administrative record to mentor team decisions made for waiving, replacing or adapting ODAs in the student record?



One of the helpful tools that I have been made aware of in my time at Northview is a resource that was created and used by Kendra Gerbrandt and Kristal Toews. It has been adapted and is presented here for you to use as part of your mentoring toolbox.

Mentoring Resource – MLO Tracking Google Sheet

Mentoring Resource – MLO Tracking Microsoft Excel

As you review the spreadsheet, the column that I want to highlight is the “Notes, Questions, Comments, Follow Up Action” section. Use this section to track information that you want to be able to keep available to you to effectively mentor your student and inform their record of learning. It is a simple tracking mechanism for you as you manage your student’s learning.