Mentoring Mastery

March 2021 - Volume 01. Issue 02.

The Mentoring Matrix: Visioneering

Pue, Carson. 2005. "Mentoring Leaders". Grand Rapids: Baker Books.

I began my professional ministry career 34 years ago – in spring 1987. I was young, inexperienced, idealistic and enthusiastic. I clearly felt God’s call on my life and was committed to pursuing a lifetime of ministry. I have seen God work in me, through me, alongside my efforts, and in spite of my efforts. Now, as I reflect on my journey, and the subsequent years of personal growth, ministry experience, and the piecing together of my personal and ministry resume, I remember with particular fondness the days and ways that God began birthing in me a vision for a life of faith and a life of ministry. It has been a deep current and refreshing stream running through my life.


"Micro" Managing

The Winter 2021 Session micro-courses have recently come to completion, so it is a good time to consider how to manage the opportunities each micro-course presents for student development and ODA (assignment) completion. Here are some opportunities to help you and your student take full advantage of these embedded milestones.


Tech Tips

There are a lot of reading resources associated with these latest micro-courses. Here are some links to resources that will provide an overview summary of the current primary reading resources attached to the Winter Session micro-courses.



One of the resources that I have been working on is a Competency Assessment Worksheet. For this issue of the Tool Box, I want to make you aware of this resource, help you understand why it is being developed, how it is structured and how it can be used by your mentor team.