Mentoring Mastery

July 2021 - Volume 01. Issue 03.

The Mentoring Matrix: Implementation

Pue, Carson. 2005. "Mentoring Leaders". Grand Rapids: Baker Books.

In this final article of this year’s Mentoring Mastery, I plan to briefly overview the final two stages of Carson Pue’s Mentoring Matrix. While most of our work with the emerging leaders in Northview’s Immerse program will necessarily focus on establishing and affirming the foundation of knowledge, character and skill that is being developed for future ministry leadership, it is also appropriate to observe and nurture the roots that are developing that will enable and sustain the individual’s ministry success. The lens of our (mentors) ministry experience should prove helpful as we observe traits and actions that hint at character and competency, both positive and negative, that call for attention in the student’s life.


"Micro" Managing

The Spring 2021 Session micro-courses have recently come to completion, so it is a good time to consider how to manage the opportunities each micro-course presents for student development and ODA (assignment) completion. Here are some opportunities to help you and your student take full advantage of these embedded milestones.


Tech Tips

Here are some links to resources that will provide an overview summary of the current primary reading resources attached to the Spring Session micro-courses.



In the last Issue of Mentoring Mastery I introduced a new resource that is being developed, the Competency Assessment Worksheet. For this issue of the Tool Box, I want to highlight and clarify the relationship between MLO emphasis (or competencies) and assignments (ODAs).